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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center this, is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. here's the view from mt. tam. you notice the fog off in the distance and then some higher clouds. today a little difference than yesterday. we saw 90s yesterday but already in the upper 50s today. but some cooling will take effect from the date-day sea breeze and also a few high clouds. 60s and 70s as we head toward noontime around the bay. it will stay in the upper 50s at our coast and by the afternoon mid-80s. so numbers cooling back anywhere from two to four degrees today, but still very pleasant out there. we will look for much of this weather to stick with us. we are talking not only the rest of september, but we've got the rest of the weekend to talk
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about. today we are fine-tuning the forecast coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. >> a federal criminal investigation of chevron's richmond's refinery is underway. officials are examining why chevron allowed hydrocarbon gases to by-passed through monitoring equipment to be burned off or flared. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the u.s. environmental protection agency has launched a criminal probe over the 2010 discovery of a pipeline that routed sulfur dioxide gases around pollution controls. epa investigators want to know who at chevron was aware of the bypass pipe, and whether company officials deliberately tried to deceive air quality regulators. chevron fixed the problem and agreed last year to pay a $170,000 fine for air quality violations from 2005 to 2009. tomorrow county, state and federal agencies will give an update on the investigation into
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the august fire at that refinery. as you know, thousands of people went to hospitals reporting breathing problems. the investigation continues, but inspectors are blaming the fire on a failing pipe, saying it had worn down to only 20% of it's original thickness and it should have been replaced during a november inspection. that public meeting will be held from 6:00 until 8:30 tomorrow night at the richmond memorial auditorium at 3403 civic center plaza. tomorrow morning san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting in response to thursday's shooting where officers with the undercover gang task force shot a 24-year-old man they say pointed a gun at them. it will be monday morning in the mission district. for two nights in a row, thursday and friday, angry mobs hit several businesses in response to the shooting. this is cell phone video taken friday of more than 50 people protesting down 18th street. you can see someone breaking away from the group and pushing over tables and throwing paintballs at a restaurant.
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>> i was by the door and i hear something very loud outside. basically someone throwing a chair and table by the window and they also had a gun with a spray color. they started spraying all over the window. >> protesters also broke windows at u.s. bank and wells fargo. they even hit the mission district police station itself. >> something to celebrate this morning. the giants are in the playoffs. last night they clinched the national league west with an 8-4 win over the san diego padres at at&t park. >> runner goes, line drive, pagan, and that's it! >> you see the celebration beginning immediately after the final out, sending the giants to the playoffs for the second time in three years. the first time since winning the 2010 world series and giants fans are loving it. >> how excited are you? >> very excited!
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>> giants going to win! giants going to win! >> we drove three hours just to be here for the game and we are so excited that the giants won! way to go, giants! >> and i'm 69 #* 69 today, and that's all i wanted was the clinch! >> the giants will try to sweep the padres this afternoon. first pitch at 1:05. record sales are predict ford apples knew i-phone5 which went on sale friday. more than 10 million expected to be sold by the end of the month. but some of the shine has already worn off the smartphone. abc7 news reporter tells us why some new owners are complaining after waiting in long lines to get one. >> sales are still brisk here at the apple store on university avenue. new i-phone owners aren't shy about showing off their new buy. some found a tiny chip on the phone just after he left the
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store. >> that's no fun. >> one customer was quickly whisked into the store by an employee after he showed our camera a chip on his phone. we heard them saying they would take care of the problem. new and i am perfect iphones found their way to our facebook page with more than 50 comments. she writes, blah apple, i'll stick to my four-year-old incredible, i can get to where i need to go and make calls. paul b writes, if it's that easy to chip and scrap it in the box it came in, sorry, apple, about you just made up by mind with the upgrade. i'm going with the htc-x-1. >> and keri, i have dropped by older i-phone probably 40 times since i bought it. always works. i love apple. whatever the problem. i-phone may have seems not to matter to these i-phone lovers. the phones are sold out in palo alto. and one is said to switch carriers just to get the phone. >> if you want to buy a phone from sprint, you have into it.
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>> she's a consumer psychologist with golden gate university. she said people will overlook i-phone flaws due to the left behind by the founder. >> i think the magic by steve jobs sort of left us unable to focus on the negative qualities of the phone. >> samsung is trying to make it disappear. a recent spate of ads shows galaxy owners are using technology apple doesn't have. it shows a man waiting in line to buy a phone. he's shown standing in line using his samsung, only so his parents can buy the phone, suggesting the galaxy is for the younger set. in palo alto, abc7 news. the bitter controversy between apple and samsung is still brewing. neither side is satisfied with last month's $1 billion verdict in apple's favor. samsung wants a new trial and apple wants an additional $707 million in damages.
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both companies filed papers yesterday to amend or to toss out that verdict. >> coming up, mitt romney tries to continue with his campaign with just six weeks to go before the election. and good news for anyone who uses san francisco's great highway, ready to open four days 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ?
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wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> just 44 days away from election day and the romney campaign is hoping to put a rough one in the path by kicking off the bus tour. what will it take to restart his campaign? we have the latest from washington. >> some of the gonzalez complain romney is losing, he's not on the trail enough. >> spending too much time fundraising, as he was last night in california. >> we are just coming to town to see you and to keep the campaign going. it's nonstop. >> there are calls for big changes from his campaign, which romney dismisses on "60 minutes." i have an effective campaign, it's doing a good job but not everything i say is eloquent. >> so will he turn around his campaign? >> it doesn't need a turnaround. we have a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president of the united states. >> that's what romney says. but while he seizes on the president's line he can't change
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washington from inside and will try to stay focused on job. the romney campaign is changing. colorado tonight, a bus tour in ohio, campaigning in virginia. romney doesn't lead in any of the battleground states, but the campaign is making in roads in wisconsin. so not surprisingly, the president, hoping to block any momentum, made a saturday visit, picking up a milwaukee get together and pick up some points ever his own. he admits this year is harder in wisconsin where the president went after romney's comments that 47% of americans are victims. >> i don't believe in just looking out for workers or businesses or rich or poor or 53% or 47%. i am going to look out for everybody. that's why i'm running for a second term. that's why i need your vote. >> that's what the president wants to talk about on the
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trail. romney's 47% comment. by the way, that was the president's first visit to wisconsin in 220 days, showing how team obama wants to blunt any momentum that romney may gain in the battleground states. david curly, abc news, washington. >> this is the last full week before the presidential debate which will shift the race into a new phase. mitt romney's advisers say it will be a pivotal time, especially after the secretly video came about. and this week the chairman of the republican national committee said the campaign is not confusing. it all comes down to one issue. >> we have seen just an enormous growth in people who are dependent on the government. that's just a fact. i don't think that's the type of america we want for our kids and grandkids and i think that is an important question and that is the question that should be presented to the american people. >> $5 trillion tax cut gov. romney has proposed, no
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specifics on how he would pay for that tax cut. $2 trillion in new defense spending. no specifics on how he would pay for that. he's either going to explode the deficit, sock it to the middle class or both. >> with mitt romney trailing in every battleground state, president barack obama is taking the day off. he has no campaign events or official business scheduled today. back here at home, some welcome news for anyone who relies on san francisco's great highway to get around town. the sands project that's closed the southbound lane from lincoln avenue near golden gate park, all the way to skyline boulevard, past the zoo, is going to wrap up tomorrow, four days ahead of schedule. here's more from abc7 news reporter heather ishimaru. >> like sand tours on steroids, dump trucks have been rim up and down the beach for a month, taking sand are the north where
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winds piled up too much to move it to the south where there wasn't enough. this 97-year-old man has been watching the shifting sands for the biggest years. >> this was one of the biggest sand drifts in the world, down here a few miles. >> it still it, despite man's attempt to pave it over. but the tides of drifting sand and the erosion that comes with it is threatening to wash away the highway and the water pollution control plant. damage there could be a public health and environmental disaster. >> with the storms in 2009, there was a lot of erosion and part of the roadway actually washed away. they did some temporary measures, some rock preventive things and this was another measure. >> it was equivalent of 30 olympic size swimming pools of sand and spread it across many feet of coastline. the highway has been closed weekdays from six to four more
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-- for the last month so the trucks could have exclusive use of the lanes. the project will wrap-up four days early this coming monday. agencies will be monitoring what happens with the newly-placed sand as they consider a long-term solution. something called the ocean beach master plan does offer a vision of what should happen out here over the next 50 years, but that vision would be very expensive, and right now there's no telling where that money would come from. at ocean beach, abc7 news. >> we see heather all bundled up. will it be like that all morning? >> the sun will come later. right now we have to talk about the high clouds here in the city where really the cool temperatures are downtown. low 50s. we have 60s in the east bay. higher elevations are warm, but we are talking about just a very little change this afternoon. it's going to feel like fall. i'll explain, next. >> looks so beautiful, lisa.
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also next, mike shumann has the highlights from the giants' big win, as well as reaction from the players.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is -9s:19. this and a live look at santa cruz. what in the world are all those people doing on the beach? well, i can tell you. they are probably resting up from just completing a triathlon there.
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the race started at 8:00 this morning. people were swimming, biking, running, as young as 14 years old. they had different categories. they raised money for various community organizations in santa cruz, including high school athletics programs there. lisa was probably good weather to do something like that in because it was cool and looks like it was foggy there. >> yeah, but, boy, it's lifting already. it's nice and sunny there now. temperatures are cool, just about 50 there. we have our own dose of low fog and clouds. lots of higher clouds that will make an impact on our forecast. here's vollmer peak. you see the low clouds. they have shrouded much of the coastline, but else have nice and sunny. we are looking at this low-lying deck of clouds really compressed just staying right at the shoreline. the impact will be in the form of a stronger sea breeze but we also have a weak weather system that this time of year things
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get cranking in the pacific northwest. it's definitely making it feel a little like fall and also you will notice the higher clouds later on today. live doppler 7 hd, all right in santa rosa, some clouds to the . look at these numbers. upper 60s from fairfield to antioch. right around the delta the sea breeze is week so you are very warm with 62 in concord, but you get closer to the coast and you have the fog. just 50 year here. with filtered sunshine it will be warm by the afternoon but it will be different as it passes overhead. slight cooling, two to four degrees, but we will still enjoy plenty of 70s and 80s out there. subtle changes day-to-day, and it really has to do first with this system. as you notice, you see the
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cirrus clouds and the system will pass to the east of us. it will allow for some of the sun to be filledderred from time too time but it will also kick up the sea breeze. it's an area of low pressure so it provides temperate numbers. 94 in livermore so today we are taking the 90s out of the forecast. they will be confined in the sacramento valley, the san joaquin valley. even los angeles. gusty winds in the sierra nevada. the fire danger is quite high. when it clears here, nice day at the beach but strong rip currents along the central coast. but we are talking about a nice afternoon. we will call it mostly sunny. game time 1:05 with temperatures in the low 60s at at&t park. the breeze kicks up so it will still be pleasant in the afternoon. raiders are playing across the bay, lower 60s. mid-afternoon we will call it partly cloudy to mostly sunny
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and low 80s returning here. higher clouds in the south bay and instead of the mid-80s, a little more like fall, 9 in san jose. really nice there with last day of the jazz festival in monterey, 65. and the walnut festival in walnut creek, and the folson street fair going on in the city. but a nice-looking afternoon. not much of a change to start the week. the winds are going to kick up and and it lacks like they will go offshore by the end of the week and that means warmer, dryer conditions. >> thanks, lisa. let's check out sports. at 10:00 this morning the niners play the minnesota vikings, hoping to improve to 3-0. at 1:25 the raiders will be looking for their first win of the season against the pittsburgh steelers. that's at the coliseum. last night, as you know, the san francisco giants clinched the n.l. west title with a win over the padres.
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here's schu with the highlights and player reaction in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, manager bruce bochy and his clients clinched their second n.l. west title in the last three years with a win over the padres last night at a park. when you make plays like this, you are going to win some games. got his eye on the ball. but not the fence. lookout! looks over the fence and makes a great play. we go to the eighth inning. giants ahead, 7-4 when brandon belt, a solo shot to the opposite field, his 7th of the year. giants up 8-4 and now to the ninth. sergio romo gets mark kotsay to send one to center. angel pagan said let the celebration begin. giants win the national league west with an 8-4 victory. >> feels great. it's a wonderful feeling. a lot of hard work and good baseball. we have a long way to go. >> we have a great team. we just have to, you know, no looking back. we have the win the best games
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and we did. >> we are just playing well, one through nine, our whole bullpen is doing well. and the pitching. we get it all together and play another team. >> giants are in. a's and orioles battling for the wildcard spot in the american league. it took 14 innings to decide the winner yesterday against the yankees. we go to new york, new york. brooklyn bridge. a's broke out the big lumber in extra innings. thirteen, jonny gomes, see ya! two-run shot off freddy garcia. cespedes and chris carter to follow with solo home runs. and the a's are up 9-5. looks like a win, right? but the yankees respond. they scored four times. raul ibanez's two-run homer tied it at nine. then in the 14th the yankees finally ended it. nunez grounds one to first. they boch it, and then the ichiro scores on the error. the yankees win 10-9. the a's are now two back of the orioles for the top wildcard spot. all right. a little college football. cal's struggles on the road continued hosted by the usc.
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bears have issues in the red zone. cal loses second straight on the road. beautiful day in l.a., reached 93 degrees. 183 yards rushing. trojans out to the early lead. no td pass last week. no problem here. second quarter, 11 yards. lee had 11 catches. 14-3, usc, cal struggling in the red zone. going 0 for 5. third quarter, and zach maynard picked off. 173 yards in two picks. barkley finds lee again, usc beats cal, 27-9. cal now 1-3 on the season. >> san jose state on the road against san diego state. spartans making noise on special teams. tyler irvin takes the kick off. makes a nice cut. he's gone, 97 yards for the score. spartans on top. second quarter. connection with ena. one yard touch. improve to 3-1. third straight win. >> 38-34, your final. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you tonight at eleven after the emmys.
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have a great day. >> abc7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer. we are so excited for the october 18th 49ers game here on abc7 that we are giving away $49,000. if you like us on facebook it's easy to enter the sweepstakes. just click the "win $49,000 button" on our page. it's at facebook/abc7 news. we will announce the big winner on october 18th right after the 49ers take on the seattle seahawks. it's all right here on abc7. >> up next, green bay's billy joe armstrong shocks the crowd with an over the top tirade during the concert. find out what appears to have set him off. and san francisco's dirty little secret. a not so nice dis
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>> this morning bay area native billy joe arm strong of green bay is being criticized for an on-stage tirade in los angeles. it was all captured on video. we report about a toren of vulgarities from armstrong. it shocked even the band's most diehard fans. >> you've got to be kidding me! >> it started suddenly. >> give me to break. >> he goes off out of nowhere, diving into a rage-filled tirade. >> i'm not [bleep] justin bieber. >> smashing the guitar before storming offstage. shocking the thousands of fans who just moments earlier were rocking out with one of the biggest fans in the world.
9:31 am
♪. >> so how did it go from this to this? >> i got one minute. one minute left. right now i have nothing left. >> turns out billy joe's freakout was a matter of time. you can see a monitor. cue the band. they have one minute left. that's what set him off. >> look at that sign right there. >> their entire set, though, was nearly cut in half so that you shaller could have more time. >> i've been around since 1988. >> the melt-down came just days after the mega-popular band rocked out on the roof of good morning america. >> but the singer son the first to turn into a basket case on stage. >> stop fighting the audience! >> in a late 1980s concert, the piano man goes off the rail. billy joel, ripping over his keyboards, smashing his microphone, all because the lighting was bad.
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and here, kanye west stops his concert in washington d.c., also because of the lighting. and watch elton john suddenly get slaphappy with his miy at a concert in new york. but all in all, armstrong's tirade might take the cake. >> that was paula ferris reporting. former c. governor arnold schwarzenegger has a new tell-all book and in it he reveals how his wife, maria shriver, confronted him about his love child. he said she waited until a day after his term at governor term ended and brought up hearses spins he was cheating during a counselor session. he said he wrote maria wanted to know if you fathered a child with your house keep. i told him it was true.
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and his life story hits bookstores on october 1st. san carlos city leaders are set to vote foam night on a contract for firefighters that includes a pay raise. last year they dissolved a partnership and started their own department to save money. much of the cost savings was to come from paying firefighters in the new department five% less than they made before but as a result the city has had a tough time holding on to firefighters, and even had to close a fire station. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports this new proposal includes a 2% raise retroactive to when the new department opened last october. san francisco is always at the top of the list when it comes to tourist destinations. but now it has a ranking that is, well, rank. "travel and leisure magazine" ranks san francisco the 11th dirtiest city in the country, behind places like new york, new
9:34 am
orleans, los angeles and miami. >> 18 million tourists visited san francisco last year. and the pace continues this year. they come for the beauty, but sometimes see the beast. "travel and leisure magazine" ranked san francisco as one of america's dirtiest cities, 11 out of 35 surveyed. the results are from an online poll of some 50,000 readers, not at all scientific and not at all accurate according to most tourists we talked to. >> i grew up in new york so my threshold for dirt is way up here. i see san francisco and i think i can literally eat off this sidewalk compared to new york. >> he's right, new york is number one or the dirty list. but back to san francisco. >> it's beautiful. i would not say it's a dirty city. have you been to baltimore? this is not the dirtiest city. >> she's right. baltimore ranks third but san francisco deserves to be on
9:35 am
the list too, according to some tourists, like this family from australia. >> yeah, it has been a little grimy and dirty. my son got spit on. >> the counterpoint to the not so pristine conditions, the magazine gave san francisco high marks for fine diving, -- dining, ethnic food, tech-savvy people and good transportation. >> those things really overpower the fact of the dirtiness. i think the fact of the matter is most visitors in cities in the united states rank higher than we are. >> mayor ed lee said it's time for a spring cleaning campaign. >> i think everybody will agree, there are our favorite corridors that we always like more people to see, but we don't like the trash on the streets or illegal dumping or graffiti. >> and the mayor really knows, he used to be the head of the department of public works in charge of cleaning up all that stuff. by the way, this survey was taken from may through august of last year, but the results were just published in an online article and will appear in the
9:36 am
november issue of "travel and leisure" magazine. >> this morning people are taking part in san jose's annual walk to defeat als, also known as lou gehrig's disease. all the funds raised go to help care services and research for this degenerative disease that attacks the brain and nerve cells. its cause is unknown right now. there's no cure. registration for the three mile walk opens at 9:30 at the park. the walk begins at 11:00. the route follows the guadalupe river trail and winds through downtown san jose. coffee and a continental breakfast will be provided and box lunches are available after the walk for five dollars. >> up next, a massive work of art. the bay bridge will soon become a canvas for light. find out when you will see it sparkle. and here is a live look from our emeryville cam.
9:37 am
you can still see the fog there in the distance. lisa argen will have your full forecast in just a few m
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>> bart is warning riders right now preventing bart riders from getting out of hayward yard this morning. this is developing news. as a report between yawn on city station and bay station in san leandro has a 15 to 20 minute delay. ac transit is helping out by honoring bart tickets on the 97 and 99 lines. some truck maintenance that was supposed to be completed overnight did not get done in time. >> the western span of the bay bridge will soon be turned into a work of art.
9:40 am
starting in october thousands of lights will be added to the structure. abc7 news arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez gives us a preview. the bay bridge, as we know it, impressive. but take a look at what it will be like in six months. it will become bay lights. a light sculpture. the artist is creating the work using 25,000 high-tech l.e.d. lights that will change in random sequence. >> i'm not creating a light show. this is a piece of fine art. i'm approaching it like an artist. it's almost like painting. >> he was showing off it at the people involved in the project under the bridge. crews will install the lights at night to minimize traffic impact. ben davis came up with the idea two years ago today. >> looking at this bridge and just thinking how could we get people excited about this bridge again? how could we get them to see it for what it really is? >> he headed the drive to raise $8 million in private funding to bring the work to reality. these are the l.e.d. lights and this is the clamp that will hold them in place, designed at the
9:41 am
treasure island art complex owned by mr. child's. >> the clips hold in the data cable, as well as the power cable for the whole thing. >> the artist will fine-tune the work on his laptop. >> i'm inspired by all the activity that goes on here, the motion of traffic, the water, the weather. >> it will bring together art, technology, culture. >> i don't want to be understating the impact it will have as a legacy for others to be inspired to do more with the public realm, public art, to celebrate our culture, our diversity, our unique identity. >> they will begin the install in october, with a lighting ceremony scheduled for next march. the installation is supposed to be up for two years. but, you know, temporary art has a way of staying around for a lot longer time. in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> the golden gate gets all the acclaim but the bay bridge is really the workhorse of the bay
9:42 am
area, so it's nice to see something like this happening. >> yes. and into that, the unique weather of the bay area for sure. we have it this morning with the low clouds and the fog. we also have higher clouds. this is a view from mt. tam. we saw a weak weather system to our north. we are talking about slight changes today. the temperatures, yeah, maybe not quite as warm as we had to start the weekend. your forecast is straight ahead. >> thank you, ms. argen. also ahead, the countdown is on for the 64th prime time emmy awards. we have a preview. and bay area foster children find jobs. it's one of the paves of this summer's abc7's sleep
9:43 am
4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart,
9:44 am
who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
9:45 am
>> the emmy awards are later today." we have more from hollywood. >> the red carpet is rolled out. the emmys are in place, and the greenroom decked to perfection. everything is ready for this. >> and the emmy goes to -- goes to -- goes to. tonight's emmy awards features a showdown between newbies and vets. >> the only thing worse than not getting what you want is somebody else getting it.
9:46 am
>> can madness make it for five records for best drama? or could the series "homeland" pose a threat? will brian cramsen cook up another win, or will louis break his streak? >> i'm a lucky man. >> is that funny? no. >> will she sweep the lead actress in comedy? or will amy pohler finally win the ticket some. >> you monster! >> they may not have the winning formula this season. the supporting actor in a drama category is dominated with newbies. but maybe the biggest face-off of all, a true family fight. all six adult actors on the hit abc show modern family are nominated. >> what are the odds of that happening? >> it's a small world. >> yes, it is. >> all four men battling it out in the best supporting actor category. >> oh, my goodness, you are
9:47 am
burning up. you might have the flu. >> and clair tries to repeat her win, scaring off in the supporting actress's contest. >> put your stuff away and put your ears on. >> that was abc entertainment report racial smith. our coverage starts this afternoon at 2:00 with the on the red carpet special and followed by the red carpet arrivals live at four. jimmy kimmel hosts live at five, followed by an encore presentation at 8:00. love modern family. i think they will definitely take something home. >> you know, the clouds making more of an impact along the coast and making for some pretty pictures, except in san jose where it's nice and sunny and already in the 60s. as we look outside, temperatures here are not going to be quite as warm as yesterday. you managed 84 degrees. the average high this time of year is 81. so about 80 today. you will see some high clouds
9:48 am
visiting you throughout the day. sun setting at 7:04. so as we head toward the sutro cam, you see the fog really low at about 500, 600 feet but it is shrouded along the short line, the golden gate pretty foggy. already the fogs filtering into the north bay valleys. all in all looking like a fine afternoon. live doppler 7 hd shows this the cloud cover, yeah, and plenty of forms, plenty of layers from the low clouds to the higher clouds. mostly from the north bay into the sacramento valley. is there any rain associated with that? no, you have to really go outside of the state to get any precip. we are looking at some very warm numbers by the delta. some of the higher elevations still have some warm readings. 54 oakland, 52 redwood city and 50 at our coast. dropped off to the 40s earlier in our north bay. with the clouds now, 54 in santa rosa. so we've got the high clouds and the lower clouds, but all making
9:49 am
for just a slightly cooler afternoon. so september usually brings the mild weather and even warm weather still inland. yesterday that 94 in livermore being trimmed back, and the reason being that the stem to the north kicking up the sea breeze. that will keep our coast cool. and also offering just a couple degrees of cooling out there. so the spread from the 60s and 70s around the bay, to the 80s inland. and then things are going to change-up again after this system passes to our east as soon as tomorrow. so you will see right here that most of the energy headed to the north and east, and what's left behind is just a little bit of cooling throughout the day today. but, you know, numbers averaging around where they should be for this time of year. we are talking about very windy conditions with this system passing in the sierra nevada. 71 in lake tahoe. a beach hazard for the central coast with some strong rip currents there. 91 in yosemite where it is still hot in the valleys with 93
9:50 am
sacramento, and down in l.a. pretty warm. upper 60s there for this afternoon. so back home with some filtered high clouds from time too time, we will enjoy mid-60s downtown and lower 70s across the bay. the 80s return for much of marin and sonoma and also around santa clara. pretty nice. you will have the higher clouds. down by the monterey bay we have the range from the 60s' coast. it will be sunny, though. 75 in santa cruz. instead of the upper 80s, just maybe mid-80s. but nice looking afternoon. day after day it's just a few degrees of cooling in our inland valleys and then everyone looks to warm up with, look at that, upper mid-60s by the end of the work week. but that onshore flow coming at a time where it could be try around here. >> why did you even utter the word rain? >> because it's something to talk about and get excited about, you know, for us down the road. >> all right. thank you, lisa. over the summer we asked you to
9:51 am
click the like button on our facebook page to raise money for bay area foster kids. the abc7 sleep train dream campaign raised $30,000. a dollar for every new like. although the campaign is now over, we are still trying to raise awareness about the needs of foster children. this morning abc7 news reporter corona rusk is focusing on a program that puts teens to work. >> racial grew newspaper foster care and aged out of the system when she game an dull. she's now 20 and trying to make it on her own. >> right now i'm living in a youth shelter. it's not specifically for foster
9:52 am
youth, it's just from 18 to 22, i believe. >> rachel and other young adults with foster backgrounds don't have the traditional family support which often helps land that first job. that's where teen force comes in. it's a nonprofit here in the county two years ago to help teenagers fine work. last year it also started focusing on the needs of foster kids. the nonprofit has helped prepare nearly 200 young people to enter the workforce and match them with jobs. 19 year old michael is among two dozen who grew up in foster care. >> there's people out there that can help you and stuff like that. it gets a little better. you get on your feet. learn to, you know, do what you have to do, you know, to make it out there in the real world. >> john hogan launched teen force with help from private sector grant money. it follows a business model where employers pay the going rate, generally minimum wage, for the workers and kick in a little extra to help sustain the nonprofit. >> we are putting all these youth to work without relying on any government subsidy. we make it very easy for employers to hire qualified and motivated youth. >> good will ceo michael fox is one of nine employers in santa
9:53 am
clara county putting foster teens and young adults to work. rachel is a human resource assistant at good will and michael is in the recycling warehouse. >> i get some stability in their life and give them the job skill so they can go off and get much better jobs. >> in los gatos, this 19-year-old is one of those with a foster background and an example of why the company says the program makes good business sense. >> we work here with them. that's what i like a lot about this place actually. they trust my skills and i'm grateful for that. >> rachel is also grateful. her job will help her move beyond the youth shelter. >> it's a confidence booster to be able to say i'm a working woman. >> teen force said there are hundreds of young adults from foster care eager to work. they are not looking for a handout. they are just hoping for help up. in san jose, karina rusk, abc7 news.
9:54 am
>> coming next, the end of an era. one last laugh for a legendary san francisco comedy club before it closes.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> tomorrow a legendary san francisco comedy club will have one last laugh and shut down for good. the purple onion in north beach hosted the smothers brothers in 1961 and have filled their walls with photos of now famous comedians. but after nearly 60 years of jokes and laughter, the building is being sold and everything inside is going to be auctioned off. tomorrow night the purple onion plans to hold one final comedy marathon. tuesday's auction will include all the furnishings and those autographed photos of the comic legends such as woody allen, phyllis diller and richard pryor. for moviegoers in san francisco will have one last chance to catch a flick at our landmark movie theater, known
9:57 am
since 1967 for its independent films. the lumiere theater on california street is closing for good. tonight it will show its last picture, "the untouchables". according to the san francisco chronicle, landmark theaters, which currently manages the theater, lost its lease and cannot come to terms with the landlord on a new lease. >> lisa argen is here with a final check of the accuweather forecast of the one long stretch. niceness. >> yes. first full day of fall. a lot of fog along the coast, the central coast. but a look ahead features 70s and 60s along the bay. a few high clouds and that means a couple degrees of cooling around the bay. we will keep it that way tomorrow and then the winds will shift. we will see some breezy shifts that will first bring slight cooling and then warming up the end of the week. hard to discern the differences day-to-day. like you said, nice and nice.
9:58 am
>> can't complain about that. thank you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. be sure to watch the 64th prime time emmys today. our coverage starts this afternoon at 2:00 with an on the road carpet emmy special and that's followed by the red carpet arrivals live at 4:00. jimmy kimmel is the host for the emmys at five, followed by an encore presentation at
9:59 am

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